Spotlight: Gary Goldstein, Screenwriter / Playwright

Every so often the Oracle selects entertainment professionals with established Hollywood careers to interview about their work, opinions and what advice they have for the next generation of up and comers wanting to make it in Hollywood. This week’s session is with Gary Goldstein, Award-Winning Screenwriter & Playwright for Film, Television and the Stage.


Gary Goldstein, Hollywood Screenwriter

So Lets Get Started…

Can you tell our readers a little about where you’re originally from?

Gary –
I’m originally from a town called Valley Stream on the south shore of Long Island, New York.  It was immortalized in the great crime movie “The Honeymoon Killers.”  It’s also the hometown of Steve Buscemi (who shot his movie “Trees Lounge” there) and Edward Burns (who shot much of “The Brothers McMullen” there).

Do you currently live in L.A.?  Did you start your writing career in L.A.? How old we’re when you arrived in L.A.?

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We’re Back…

I hope everyone had an amazing break from reality over the holidays, but it’s time to snap back and get your head on straight. Production life continues on in Hollywood 24/7 and will do so indefinitely with or without you. So, assuming the Mayans are dead wrong and the world isn’t going to come to an end this year, we here at THO have planned some great things for you in 2012. So pay attention and don’t stray to far away, we know people who know people, if you catch my drift. You can’t afford to miss what’s coming! Cause Jack Bauer ain’t gonna be around to help you or save you when your ‘Hollywood Time‘ comes calling. We’re all you got… Otherwise you’re on your own. Good Luck!

Business First… As you can see, we’ve been busy prettying things up around here. Hope you enjoy the new look. Tell us what you think, to much or just right? We also just wrapped up the New 2012 Edition of our ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’. If you haven’t checked this downloadable comprehensive guide out yet you should, that is if you’re still considering the big move out west. Trust Us… It will be the best $9.95 you ever spent!

So Let’s Get To It…

To get the new year started off with a big bang here at The Oracle, we’ve prepared a great “Insider Spotlight Interview‘ for you tomorrow on Jan 13, 2012. It’s with award-winning

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As promised, A Hollywood Insider’s Look… Our very own, Rose Pendleton’s Fashion Show interview and photos from her Hollywood Art & Fashion Event a few weeks ago with RAWartists.


Hollywood Insider’s Look – Click Here To See Photos

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Paid to Scare?

Hollywood, Ca

Want to work on your acting skills without embarrassment or have anyone recognize you when you mess up your lines? Would you like to perfect your movie make-up skills but have a hankering for blood? Don’t have the dough or the real estate to use all of that lighting equipment you bought to finish your DIY Hollywood film on a bitching haunted house? You might be in luck.

scary hollywoodThough the job market in Southern California and across the U.S. may be frightening to some — many local theme parks and other venues are offering some quick cash to those who aren’t afraid of the dark.

As it does every Halloween, Knott’s Berry Farm will turn into the 39th annual Knott’s “Scary” Farm later this fall, and the park is looking for a few good ghouls to haunt thirteen mazes, seven live shows and four “scare zones.” The call doesn’t just go out to high school kids looking for extra pocket money, many entertainment aficionados and Hollywood locals flock to the theme parks and or other Hollywood Scary Events to have a great time and get paid for playing their part in the Halloween festivities.

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Spotlight: Charles Donohoe, Editor for Television

Every so often the Oracle selects entertainment professionals with established Hollywood careers to interview about their work, opinions and what advice they have for those wanting to make it in Hollywood. This week’s session is with Charles Donohoe, Editor for Television.

So Lets Get Started…

charles donahoe

Charles Donohoe, Editor For Television

1. If you can, tell our readers what company you’re currently working for, what’s your job title and on what show are currently working on? What are the Last 3 shows you’ve worked on that your proud of most as an editor or AE?

Currently, I’m working as an Editor for Prometheus Entertainment, a production company based in Hollywood. The job I am working on right now is Kendra, for E! Entertainment Channel, a reality docu-drama following Kendra Wilkinson as she copes with being a new mother. And the last three shows I’ve worked on were Finding Bigfoot, a ridiculously fun adventure reality series following a group of scientists as they go searching the far reaches of the planet for traces of a sasquatch; Parks and Recreation on NBC, a scripted comedy

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Hollywood.  What does it make you think of? Celebrities? Actors? Most people only think of the entertainment or film side of the industry.  What some people don’t realize is there are more than just entertainment jobs in Hollywood where you still work hand in hand with the entertainment company. Weird right?

Rose Pendleton - Fashion Designer & Actress

My name is Rose Pendleton, I am a young entrepreneur currently working many different areas of Hollywood. Acting is my first love and main goal, however, along the way I fell in love with another one of my guilty pleasures; Fashion. Creating it, that is.  This week my life is all about fashion.  I’m not talking about about who wears the best or worst clothing or the movie with the best costumes (unless you want to be a costume designer!) I’m talking about coming up with a concept of your own image, producing it and watching your creation take flight.

I’ve spent the past two months preparing for the runway premiere of my 2011 collection “I Believe”. Two months. When was the collection of clothing that’s premiering at the fashion show actually created? Last October.  Now this may just be because I juggle arts like shiny red bean bags but it took me a full year to create, promote, advertise and finally get my collection on the runway.  Is it cheap? No, but is any area in Hollywood?

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Pink Slip Guide to “Outplacement”

outplacementHere in Hollywood working in Human Resources can be, at the very least, interesting. You get to meet everyone. You learn a great deal about insurance benefits. Some of the employees are in the Local 700 and others are not Union at all. You get to be involved in all the behind the scenes (and in front of the scenes) drama and always get front row seats to any disciplinary action. The hardest job, of course is the terminations. Firing an employee is no fun (even if they have earned it) and layoffs in the entertainment business can be just as bad as anywhere else in the country.

One HR activity that the average worker bee might not be aware of is something called

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