Hello again, and welcome back to “I Was a D.I.Y. Zombie.”  So if you read my last installment awhile back (I was a D.I.Y. Zombie), we left you on the very edge of your seats wondering things like, “huh- that was nifty…but so what?” and, “hey- did that thing ever get finished?”  Well, now that we’re all back together, we’ll answer some of these burning questions and take you through the D.I.Y. process that will now become the pipeline for my new web-series, “Ask a Zombie.”

Hollywood ombiesFirst, go check it out and come right back… well maybe watch it a bunch of times from fifteen different computers, post it all over your Face-Twitter social networks and old-school email it to everyone in your office/ school (lord knows we could use the views).


Back?  Good, now tell me how much you loved it.  What? You didn’t watch it yet?!!  Listen, this ain’t Junior College and I ain’t your underpaid State College system refugee who has to teach a slacker classroom that didn’t bother to do the assigned reading.  Do you homework!

Ok now.  Let’s begin:

We shot the zombie footage first- in fact we actually shot three different answers to three different questions on that same night.  Those answers were to be the basis of three different episodes so as not to kill the face of our long suffering Zombie who had to endure the D.I.Y. makeup session documented in Part 1.

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Zombie Survival Guide

They’re Coming To Get you Barbara….

Film Set Extras – Expendable in every way possible, this group of fame craving performers will continue to be mowed down, blown up, drowned, burnt, and crushed all for that one chance to be immortalized forever on film. So watch out all you soon to be extras they’re gunning for you.

That’s what I said 6 months ago in a 2-part article I wrote here THO.

Part 1 – Hollywood Jobs You Would Die For

Part 2 –  When Film Set Attacks!

Since it’s Halloween Season and we’re so big on Set Safety & Zombies here at THO, I thought it almost spooky that this bit a news hit the wire earlier today on TMZ. Especially since our very own Vlad Peters is releasing a Part 2 article on ‘I was D.I.Y. Zombie’ tomorrow for us.

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In the spirit of my recent online audition for The Glee Project (link is here, please click ‘like’ if you haven’t already!: http://www.thegleeprojectcasting.com), I decided to do an article about auditioning through the internet. Nowadays, a large part of the entertainment business is actually done online.the glee project You can submit resumes and headshots to agencies via e-mail, and you can apply to roles online through LA Casting or Actor’s Access. Being an actor is all about promoting yourself, and with technology improving the way it is, selling yourself just became a whole lot easier. That being said, there are a few key tips that you should follow when submitting anything online, because they can make the difference between getting noticed and someone clicking the ‘next’ button.

1. Make sure the pictures you’re using show the REAL you. Don’t use a headshot that looks nothing like your true appearance, because believe me, a casting director won’t be happy if you show up

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Get Your Project Done for Nothing and Your Actors for Free.( Read Part 1 Now )

I’m going to start this article out by stating, up front, for all to see, with no reservations, and only the best intentions, that actors are interesting cats.  Oh Crap… That’s how I started Part 1 of this!


Now, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a table read or two, but if you’re luckier, you’ll get your actors to show up to the first shoot date, on time, on the right day, and ready to go. Warning: on the first day, at least one actor will be late. You will be sitting at the meeting place or set/location with the other actors and the crew and the urgent need to have an aneurism just to relieve the tension.  Ten messages on their cell phone do not summon them to appear and you will start to completely melt down.

actress is hotI suggest you melt down later. You need to be calm, confident, and keep your cast and crew busy.  The crew can set up the first shot so it’s ready to go when your errant actor decides that fashion has been served and it is time to make that late appearance. You can also figure out which shots you can do quickly in the meantime without that actor and knock ‘em out ASAFP. Do not engage in the resentful bashing that will metastasize among the on-time actors. No one hates a late actor more than an on-time actor- not even you. Don’t stoke that fire or it will be acres wide by the time the late-boat shows up.

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First off, for all you youngins’ out there I’m not referring to the Comic book guy that is currently whoring out his entire backlog of comic book characters to Hollywood studios. That’s Stan Lee, he’s the creator of Marvel Comics. I’m talking about the Amazing and the recently deceased Stan Winston, the creator of some of the most memorable Hollywood Action Heros of all time. No, I’m not talking about Bruce Willis or Will Smith either… I’m talking about the creator of Alien, Terminator, the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, Predator and Avatar, these live-action creatures are truly the stars of any Sci-fi / Horror movie as far as I’m concerned. Stan Winston was one of my Top Hollywood Idols as a kid. It’s creative geniuses like him, that planted those creative seeds that ultimately lead to many of us finding our own Hollywood Dream. Between him and George Lucas, my Hollywood path was being laid out right before my eyes. And it all started when I was 7 years old with the release of the Original Star Wars and I didn’t even realize it. Not even after I saw it over 20 times in the theaters that first year! I was hooked on it, but I didn’t know what that truly meant at the time or what it would lead to ultimately for me in the future. More on me later… Let’s get back to Stan!

I'll be back It seems that Stan, the master of all that is un-human, has pulled off the most famous of all Hollywood tricks. Coming back from the Dead to make more money than I will make alive. Bravo Stan!

Stan Winston Studios has partnered with an online educational provider and created the coolest online school ever, as far as I’m concerned at least. The Stan Winston School of Character Arts. If you’re into Hollywood creature design Efx, design development, model making, clay sculptures, prosthetics, puppetry, animatronics, creature hydraulics, hair work and or make-up, I’m pretty sure this is something you should check out. The school itself is

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Gooood afternoon aspiring Hollywoodites! It’s Monday, people, and I can not wait to get the work week started! Yes, I’m lying. It’s kind of a Hollywood thing.

Anyway, let’s get right to it… I got a cute letter from a Kelly B. in Colombus, Ohio so I thought I’d share it with you….

Kelly writes;
Dear Lord of The Dark Rooms,
Hollywood entertainerMy 18 year old daughter recently informed my husband and I that the boy she likes is an “entertainer” and wants to move to Hollywood to be in the business and that she thinks she might want to go too and be a digital artist. I love her dearly but she can barely drag a jpeg into a Word document so I won’t hold my breath for her there. I digress though; back to the entertainer… My husband has never really liked Noah so this sent him over the top. Our first question was ‘what the hell does entertainer mean?’. Well, it turns out that not only is Noah an actor and musician… he’s also a juggler! Wow, a triple threat. Juggler???!! Really? Who does that, and how can my beautiful daughter be attracted to it?  Anyway, needless to say, my husband has been making slurs and has been noticeably upset ever since she told us this and I think it’s only a matter of time before he says something to crush my poor baby’s

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Get Your Project Done for Nothing and Your Actors for Free!

I’m going to start this article out by stating, up front, for all to see, with no reservations, and only the best intentions, that actors are interesting cats.  Many of you readers (all three) are out there in the Coliseum of your Schadenfreude (yep- had to look it up to make sure it meant what I thought it meant: deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others), screaming down into the pit for me throw every high maintenance actor you’ve ever encountered to the lions in hopes of a quick and bloody end . Sorry Caesar- no go.  It’s not that kind of party.


Drawing by: nullcherri

Actors are interesting cats. I will say it like that in a fair and balanced manner.  You see, as a DIY filmmaker, I am always in the position of asking actors for the generous contribution of their time and energy.  You may say that “actor time” differs from “real time,” but we’ll stay off that path.  This little blurb is about how to handle actors when they have only the obligation of their word to make them show up and give you that funny little thing called, “acting.” It’s that little thing that will keep you away from stop motion animation and/ or endless shots of cars driving to nowhere you will have to use to finish your piece.

Repeat after me, “no one should ever have to attempt another ‘Battleship Potemkin.’”


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