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Well, if you haven’t checked this months issue of Entertainment Weekly (Sept 23 edition) you might notice something very interesting as the lead cover story, so buy it. Neil Patrick Harris of CBS’s ‘How I met Your Mother’ and the 80’s sitcom ‘Doogie Howser M.D.’ is pimping his own version of the ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’. Doesn’t Entertainment Weekly and this “LEGENDARY” actor know that this is the Hollywood Oracle’s territory. What’s up with that?  I wonder if they read our guide first for some useful tips? On top of that, I find it somewhat hard to stomach, a ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’ written by a once famous child actor. I mean really, how much ‘surviving’ has he been doing over the years in Hollywood. With 2 long running sitcoms, multiple movie rolls in critically acclaimed films such as ‘Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle’ and not to mention the countless red carpet and other black tie events you’ve had to attend. “How did you Survive all of that? Please Tell Us” O.k o.k. I’m being a bit sarcastic here. I’m sure you survived something!

Don’t worry Doogie, we forgive you! We love you to much to be haters. Just ask us next time :)

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And if you haven’t checked out the real ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’ here at the Oracle, you should.

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Enjoy Your Day People – Cause We Sure The Hell Are!

The Oracle

When we started this website we had a few goals in mind. One of them was to get you up to speed on the Hollywood Lifestyle, so you could hit the ground running when you got here. Another was to give you an inside look into the Hollywood entertainment business so you would be more prepared to tackle that industry job mine field that awaits you. And lets not forgot the constant reminder, that Dreams do come true if you work hard and pay your dues. But, I think one of the main reasons we created this site was deep down we wanted to warn you.

Hollywood ScamsHollywood is full of people that want you to fail. Your precious Hollywood dreams mean nothing to them. They just want to ride you into submission like a cowboy that breaks a wild horse. And like most horse abusers in this business, if and when you finally do start to push back on your rider (‘Your Boss‘), and start to demand things like a raise, a promotion or just a free bag of oats to eat once in awhile, they’ll send you packing. Off to the glue factory you will go, never to be heard from again. And you will be replaced by a cheaper more submissive horse. It’s the Cycle of Life on this reserve.

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Hollywood Double rainbowThe Hollywood Dream Job is an allusive creature that can take years or even a decade to capture. Some will never capture it. But if you are one of the lucky ones, you will most likely at some point, many years after, find yourself wondering in the back of your mind.“Is this it? Was it all worth it? Am I still having fun?

When your Dream Job just becomes a job. What are you going to do? Stick it out for 10 more years or re-invent yourself and dream another dream.

The only reason I write about this topic is that I stumbled across a great piece on this very subject and realized that I was in the same boat. It never occurred to me to have 2 dreams. Just like the Double Rainbow, two is always better than one!

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Spotlight: Ntana Key, Digital Colorist for Film & Tv

Every so often the Oracle selects entertainment professionals with established Hollywood careers to interview about their work, opinions and what advice they have for those wanting to make it in Hollywood. This week’s session is with Ntana Key, Digital Colorist for Film & Tv.

So Lets Get Started…

1. Where are you originally from?

Ntana Key Digital ColoristColorado Springs Colorado USA

2. What was your first job after moving to the Hollywood area? Was it in the entertainment industry, or did you start out doing something else to make ends meet?

My first job was a Client Services position at a premiere post house called 525 studios. They specialized in Commercials and Music Videos and had tons of top notch clientele. Even though the job itself wasn’t the most glamorous or high paying, It was a great place to start my career. I absorbed any and everything that people would teach me. If it was about Visual Effects – I took notes. If it was

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Get Smarter People : Hollywood Socializing / Hollywood Networking / Hollywood…
Hollywood Social IconThe last time I wrote you I offered the advice of having an ace up your sleeve technology-wise in order to separate yourself from the post production pack but this time I want to focus on something on the other side of that coin. (See prior advice here) And let me be the first to say, it’s troubling… I mean, am I old school or just plain old? Maybe both. But hey, I do still look good. Feel free to look me in the eyes when we meet and say so. That never gets old. Anyway, I want to touch on the fact that today’s budding youth is suffering tremendously in the face-to-face, interpersonal skills department, and in post production you need to work with people in tiny windowless rooms for long

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iPhone apps filmmakersWell, as you probably guessed it, there’s already an App for that. App technology these days is an amazing & powerful tool if used correctly and they can make your job a whole hell of a lot easier on and off-set if you let them. These filmmaking Apps are great for pre-production or production and can be used by most departments on-set.  So, whether you want to be a guerrilla style filmmaker at home or a big Hollywood director of photography, a script supervisor, a sound guy, a camera assistant, production manager or just a useless P.A., there’s most likely an App for you that can save you work, time and money. By becoming proficient at using these powerful programs, you can make your production life a whole lot simpler and you’ll look cool & smart using them. The more tools at your disposal that you can use to save yourself time, paperwork or your production money is a tool that will keep you employed for a long time. Not bad for something that costs $19.99 or if you’re lucky it’s Free. But let’s remember, you get what you pay for and at this level of tech FREE may not be the best

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Heads up Newbies you need to know about Job Networking in Hollywood.

What ever city you might be reading this post from is not the only one that is have a job crisis. California is rolling at a 12% unemployment, and don’t believe all the BS you have heard about loose borders and old people snagging up all the jobs. California is in the top 3 for home foreclosure, if you live in Nevada of Florida your better off moving here as quickly as you can (buy the Hollywood Oracle Survival Guide first!). Its the economy stupid.

Hollywood Job NetworkWhat is my point? Before you consider moving to beautiful Los Angeles, keep in mind; the entertainment business is no exception. As a matter of fact, the changing technology and price of living out here is wiping some people and whole families off the map. Starving artists (and sound techs and grips and stand up comedians) are really starving! The entertainment guilds are shrinking (I did not really say that, did I?), and like everywhere else in the country the hiring managers are being asked to reduce

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