The Art of DIY Camouflage: Guerrilla Filmmaker 101

Ok, it’s the Greater Metropolitan Area. You have just about no budget, but you need to get out there and shoot.  As I explained in my previous article ( “diy-filmmaking-la-film-permit” ) the City of Los Angeles and its surrounding area demands film permits for just about every place that is not a studio or studio lot and/or visible by satellite.  Technically, you even have to have a film permit to shoot in your own house or apartment, whether or not you own said fortress of solitude. They want their blood money and they want it even if it shuts your production down (just like every nasty parasite, it kills the host).

Camera Camo

Can You See Me Now? How About Now?

Much like the gazelles in the African savanna, you have to blend in and not bring attention to yourself.  You don’t want the lions to eat you.  Here are a few tips on shooting entire scenes in public without getting shut down by “the Man” or snotty (aka jealous) onlookers who are “tired of that damn Hollywood crowd making nuisances of themselves and disturbing the peace.”

Small crews:

Large crews with many cars are a wonderful luxury, but are actually counterproductive to the “get in, shoot, get out” scenario.  In general, the more you look like a “professional” production, the more likely you will be hassled by a

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Spotlight: Bill Missett, Senior Managing Editor for Film & Tv

Every month the Oracle selects entertainment professionals with established Hollywood careers to interview about their work, opinions and what advice they have for those wanting to make it in Hollywood. This month’s session is with Bill Missett, Senior Managing Editor for Film & Tv.

Photo1. Where are you originally from? City, State, Country.

Carlsbad, California, US, Earth.

2. What was your first job after moving to the Hollywood area? Was it in the entertainment industry, or did you start out doing something else to make ends meet?

My first job in Los Angeles was working as an engineer/part time editor at an independent post house that was started by

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Do’s and Don’ts of Hollywood Recording Studios

Recently, I went into the studio with my band, Dear Silence, to lay down vocals for a couple of tracks. It was the first time I’ve done something like it, so I learned a lot from the experience and thought I’d share some tidbits with all of you aspiring artists out there.


-Bring water. And lots of it. I went through something like 5 bottles, in addition to tea, over the course of about 8 hours. Trust me, there’s no such thing as too much water in the studio.

Swing House Studios

Swing House Studios - Hollywood, Ca

-Make suggestions. Your input is just as important as anyone else’s, so if you’re hearing an alternate melody or if you don’t like the way a certain line is sounding, say something. You’ll likely be glad you did.

-Come prepared. Don’t show up with half a song written when you only have a certain amount of time to get everything done. You’ll only upset the producer and your band, who are counting on you to bring the song together.

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Hi again… your favorite Uncle, Mr. Hollywood Oracle, has asked me to offer you readers, and potential peeps moving to LA, some helpful bits this week. And I’m like, oh you want me to give away for free what you’re trying to sell? Oh, OK… good plan. Uncle Oracle is very thoughtful like that. Anyway, it’s all in the family, so here you go:

Dead pixelsMuch like being a well rounded professional athlete, post production gear and personnel need to be versatile, and knowing how to use said versatility is key to securing a gig, and more importantly, keeping it. So, think of  a top marathoner. Dude can run 4 minute miles, but he weighs like 97 pounds soaking wet… and speed without power isn’t worth much. Now think of a track star. Super fast and two tickets to the gun show. Now that guy might some day be a star in the big leagues. OK, get the picture? Good. Now let’s assume that you’ve got it goin’

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How To Deal With Difficult Personalities Working in Hollywood:

Let’s face it, we’ve all had an experience (or two) with someone who we didn’t quite mesh with. In the entertainment business especially, it’s very easy to meet people who don’t exactly beat to the same drum that everyone else does. Don’t get me wrong, this can often be refreshing and a lot of fun, but other times, it can make you feel a bit uncomfortable or even unsafe. I’ve been to plenty of auditions where a fellow actor or crew member freaked me out more than a little, whether through inappropriate comments or some other strange/rude behavior. In an ordinary situation, you can just brush that person off and be on your way, but at an audition, you’re often forced to be around many different people for long periods of time. Here’s a little advice on how to deal with these kinds of situations.

I hate youFirst of all, try not to encourage whatever they’re doing that’s bothering you. As much as you might want to just be nice and oblige them, they may take that as a green light to continue their advances and that can get very dangerous. I once made the mistake of doing this, of speaking to a man who was making me incredibly uncomfortable at an audition that I was at, and it ended up with me running back to my car in a total panic, convinced that he was going to try something inappropriate. Luckily, I was

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Is That Your Final Answer..? No Whammy..  No Whammy.. Big Bucks!

If you didn’t read Part One of this article, you should read it now.
(PART 1 – Move to LA – Be on a Game Show… Tryout for Reality Tv… )

After going on multiple game show tryouts & reality show tryouts I’ve decided to bequeath to you ‘My 10 best Hollywood Secrets to get on a Game Show or get on a Reality Show’.

Game showTip #1 – Know your strengths – If your not that into Pop Culture, don’t tryout for a trivia show. If you know you could never eat a cow eye, don’t try out for Fear Factor. Get my point!

Tip #2 – This genre of television relies heavily on finding contestants that fit into the generic stereotypes we love to love or love to hate. The Tv world has helped re-enforce everyone of these stereotypes for a reason, because each one of us (The Viewer) can connect with one of those types on a personal level. Which means ratings if they can hook you. The Nerd, the dumb blonde, surfer, rocker, hick and any other one you can think of right now. Point is,

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Hard Work Can Get You Paid Yo


Now… here’s a little story I’ve got to tell
About three bad brothers you know so well
It started way back in reality
With a PA, an AE, and me – BG!
Been postin little shows from A to Z
Just me, and my PA, and a tired AE
Riding cross the land, kicking up sand
Exec Producers on my tail cause I’m in demand