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Game shows

When you think about it, it’s not that hard to understand why moving to LA could increase your chances of getting on any number of Game Shows and or Reality Tv shows if you have the right looks, personality and mindset for that particular project. I would guess that over 80% of these type of shows you seen on Tv today are produced right here in sunny southern California, which also means that they are cast here as well. Just because they say the contestant is from Chicago doesn’t mean he lives there. And at least over 60% of those shows are shot within the city limits of

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Welcome To Our New Segment : Hollywood ToDo’s
Where we give an insiders look at some interesting and unique things to do in Los Angeles that you might not know about.

The Studio Tour:

No one really wants to admit that they are a tourist, especially if you already live in Los Angeles, but whether it is career driven curiosity or just the kid in you, everyone admits sooner or later that they want to take one of the Studio Tours.

Studio toursWell, the Oracle knows what it feels like to want to see the Bat Mobile or King Kong up close, so we thought we would put the list of available tours together for your next visit. Ask a lot of questions, pay attention and you just may find a new career you might enjoy. Plus, familiarizing yourself with the layout of these huge studios can become a valuable asset later on in your Hollywood Career.  Enjoy the Tour…

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As promised, here are my remaining 5 auditioning tips. If you haven’t read the first 5 Tips, click here. >> More Audition Tips

6. If you’re doing a monologue and it’s not to camera, place the person right in front of you– don’t use the casting people, and don’t put the person beside you, because they want to see your face when you audition. I’ve heard a lot of different answers on this one, but in my experience, looking straight at the director is uncomfortable for both you and them. Trust me, it doesn’t feel right to make some random person the character that you’re supposed to be interacting with, and it’ll probably make them feel awkward as well. Auditions in HollywoodIt’s much easier to create that person in your mind and imagine that they’re right there in front of you. Some say that you can use the wall too, but again, I think that this makes for a very one-dimensional piece, because it won’t exactly be realistic if you’re trying to emote and bounce off of a stack of bricks. So stick to the ghost-in-front-of-you technique, unless you’re supposed to be doing it to camera, and in that case, you need to make that lens the person you’re talking to.

7. On the same note, if you’re doing a prepared scene

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So you wanna do a zombie picture? Long or short, it sounds like a breeze: just get a bunch of your friends together to shuffle around town like they’re doing the walk of shame after a twelve hour severe alcohol poisoning incident.  Make sure the clothes are ratty and that they moan loudly at the pain of Living Death, especially when being exposed to harsh sunlight without shades.  Zombies don’t squint, y’all- so your actors will be blind and monosyllabic by the end of the day- a method acting happy accident.

DIYDone- easy- but… what if you need closeups? What if you need to see zombies that are about a week old and not looking their freshest?  “Oh- no problem- we just need makeup, “ you think, assuming that your own makeup skills or those of your girlfriend/ emo boyfriend will be strong enough to deliver the goods. About an hour into heavy eyeliner, rouge, and pancake makeup, you make peace with the fact that you’re just not going to have any close-ups and smoky eyed zombies are just going to have to do.

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As many of you are probably aware, auditions are a necessary evil for anyone who’s looking to be a big-time actor in Hollywood. Just like applying for a job, you cannot get a role without going through the interview-like process of weeding out the bad actors from the good ones. Usually, an audition includes a cold read, prepared sides, and/or a performance of a prepared monologue for the casting director. After that, there can be another round of auditions, or the callbacks, and those decide who is going to get the role.

audition tipsMost auditions are gotten through an agent, but there are other ways to access them, such as LA Casting, Actor’s Access, or Craigslist if you’re looking for something free (check out some of my other posts for reviews on a few of those sites.) As a whole, auditioning is a very difficult process that can sometimes screw with your head and make you lose confidence in yourself, but there are ways to get through it in one piece. Here are 10 useful tips from

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It’s all because of you, we do this…

First off, we would like to say “Thank You” to all our followers out their in the real world. We hope that our site has helped you in some way and we look forward to continuing that mission, for you and for everyone else out there that has a Hollywood Dream. But for us to be successful at our job (Helping You), we need you guys to lead the way. We need you to voice your questions, comments and concerns about Us, Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry as a whole. Just because we call ourselves the ‘Hollywood Oracle’ doesn’t mean we’re mind readers. :)

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Got QuestionsOn that note, to help you Follow us and Communicate with us better we’ve added a few sections to our Website and to our Facebook Fan Page we would like to make you aware of, if you’re not already. We hope you consider using these tools so that we can better understand your needs. If we can do that, we can make your experience with us at The Hollywood Oracle that much more valuable.

Below are links to our new sections on FACEBOOK. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, we strongly recommend it. There is additional info that we provide there that we don’t provide on our Website @

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Hello? Is thing on? Am I alive? I can’t tell anymore. It’s all artifact video signals, 1k ghost tones from the past and error messages from the future… but if I am still kickin, still in record mode and not in the matrix, then hello there Hollywood Hopefuls!

It’s good to be back online with you. But like I said, it’s been a technological bear at the studio and people are freaking out. My bosses must be hitting their time of the month (cost reports) because they are ON ME BIG TIME about every little thing. Executives, I tell ya… they are all knowing. Haven’t you heard? I mean who could ever doubt the genius of a tiny head lacking blood flow because their Armani neck accessory is too tight? Yes ma’am, of course sir… do I think that’s silly? Oh no, no, boss…

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