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“Suck my dick.”

Did that get your attention? Probably just as much as it did when Lieutenant Jordan O’Neill (mind you, this is a woman we are talking about) said it to Master Chief John James Urgayle in the 1997 action-drama movie “G.I. Jane.” If ever there was a scene from a movie that defines “badass,” this one arguably tops them all. Read on for why O’Neill cemented her place in the movie character badass hall of fame, along with cues to take from a few other favorite badass characters to become a stud yourself.

Patience Just Gets in the Way



O’Neill, played by Demi Moore, trained with men to make an elite Navy team. She exemplified guts, courage and patience while facing machoism, stick-swinging and female degradation from her peers and superiors.

In this particular scene, O’Neill takes a beating from Urgayle who tries to break her and her squad’s spirit. At the moment we all thought she’d crack, O’Neill strikes back with three simple words. That figurative sentence instantly earned her due respect from her peers and, ultimately, from her master chief.

O’Neill teaches that to be a true badass, patience is a virtue. But sometimes you have to put those moral standards aside and stick up yourself, even if you have to show up your disrespecting and ruthless boss who just knocked the snot out

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Identity theft is only growing more prominent in the internet age, as the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics reports, 8.6 million households experienced identity devastation in 2010. This is up from 6.4 million households victimized by identity theft in 2005.

Making a bad problem even worse, people assume that, despite such alarming statistics, they remain completely immune from identity theft. But nobody is safe. Even today’s hottest celebrities find themselves the victims of identity theft! From Will Smith to Ricky Gervais, Hollywood big shots remain as vulnerable as the rest of us.

Will Smith

In 2005, Will Smith found himself the target of Carlos Lomax, a notorious identity predator who, as “Billboard” explains, had already committed the same transgression against athlete Steve Smith. In Will Smith’s case, the fraudulent charges amounted to a hefty $32,897.34. This unauthorized account activity failed to capture Smith’s attention until his business manager noted a suspicious $5,447 worth of

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Jessica Alba

Flickr photo by å—·å—·å…„ via Flickr.

Jessica Alba’s book “The Honest Life” sums up her approach to wellness and success. She tries to live as holistically as she can, as she believes that wellness is hindered by the avalanche of chemicals in our bodies. “If you have toxic chemicals in your dish soap, laundry detergent, lotion, mattress and food, they get into your system and add up,” she told Self magazine in a 2012 interview.

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When the majority of actors arrive in Hollywood they are filled with energy, positivity and an abundant zest for life, but as the job hunt continues some become worn down, negativity floods their thoughts and the once bright light of possibility and hope becomes a flickering flame threatening to be extinguished at any moment.

WalkOfFamelogoRemember that most actors’ careers have started off slowly. Very slowly. But through determination and perseverance they didn’t give up even when the odds were stacked against them. Whilst you may possibly not have any auditions lined up, things can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t be intimidated by a blank diary, be encouraged that you have plenty of opportunities that still lie ahead that only have to be uncovered. This week nothing might be happening, but next week you may have an audition or two for a small part and the following week an audition for an even bigger part. Similar to playing poker on, you never know what your next hand is going to be. Anticipating that it will be a losing hand is counterproductive and you will only set yourself up for failure..

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The ultimate mark of success for any entertainer is a trophy case filled with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards. Otherwise known as EGOT, the distinction of possessing all four honors is a rare one. To date, only ten entertainers can boast such an accomplishment. Included on this short list of entertainment sensations are such stars as Audrey Hepburn, Mel Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg.

Most recently, Scott Rudin joined the club, becoming the first producer to earn the EGOT label. Could another talented individual join him in the near future? There are several fine entertainers who currently possess three of the four awards, so yes, it is definitely possible that the EGOT list could reach one dozen sooner than later. The following are a few of the stars falling just short of the EGOT requirements:

Matt Stone & Trey Parker

Photo by Flickr user José​ Ramí​rez

Photo by Flickr user José​ Ramí​rez

Yes, the creators of the popular animated series “South Park” have somehow managed to earn a Grammy, Emmy and Tony. In fact, they currently hold a total of four Emmy Awards for their work on “South Park.” Just a few years ago, nobody would have expected the duo to supplement their Emmys with Tonys and Grammys, but they were able to do just that through their contributions to the critically acclaimed musical “The Book of Mormon.” As explains, “The Book of Mormon” is the perfect musical for “South Park” lovers who claim to hate musicals. They’re still missing an Academy Award, but that situation could easily be reversed if Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to take their hit musical to the silver screen. This is a real

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Kacy writes:

I was hired as a PA on a new show for a big company. They weren’t sure when production would be starting and said they would email me once they had more information. They thought production would start sometime around mid-August.It’s mid-August and I haven’t received anything yet. I have emailed and called, but no one has returned anything. I’m getting nervous. Are they so busy that they haven’t had time? They haven’t thought about calling the PA’s? Will they call me the night before I have to come in? Did they forget they hired me? I’m confused and scared because I want this so much. Any advice? Thanks.


Unfortunately, this is a thing that happens all the time, and it could have any number of explanations.

hollywood jobs your hiredThey might be too busy to call right now, putting off your call until they need you. Maybe the show’s start date has been pushed back, for some reason. Maybe a deal fell through, and it’s not going at all. Or, maybe somebody owes somebody else a favor, and your job has been given away to an actor’s nephew.

There is simply no way to know. But if they changed their mind about hiring you, for whatever reason, that’s going to be an awkward conversation. Most people figure if they ignore your emails/phone calls long enough, you’ll stop bugging them, and they won’t have to have that conversation. It’s a weaselly thing to do, but certainly understandable.
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