Thomas writes:

I was reading your blog tonight and you have some really interesting stories and anecdotes.  None of which are surprising,  I’ve only been on like two sets in my life…but I can imagine how hectic and crazy things might get.

I just had a quick question for you.

You mention that a memo was passed around the office the other day.  I guess I am confused, since you PA mostly, doesn’t that mean you freelance and therefore don’t work out of the office? Or is that like a second job.

Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, I’m really trying to break in to the industry and get started and maybe do some more work, but all I’ve done is a few short PA gigs that either paid nothing or basically nothing.

movie crewIt’s not silly. I can see how you might be confused.  There are really two kinds of production assistants: Office PAs and Set PAs.

It sounds like you’ve worked as a set PA.  They’re the guys who help the ADs keep things moving.  They shuttle actors to and fro, they lock up the set, they distribute paperwork that the office sends them.

An office PA, on the other hand, helps the production coordinator.  Their job is to keep the office running smoothly.  They answer phones, make copies, do runs.  Smaller movies may not need (or be able to afford) office PAs, but every TV show has them.  The writers write so many scripts, it’d be impossible to copy everything without a PA dedicated… >> READ MORE @ The Anonymous Production Assistant’s Blog

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Spotlight: Robin Riker, Actress

Every so often the Oracle selects entertainment professionals with established Hollywood careers to interview about their work, opinions and what advice they have for the next generation of up and comers wanting to make it in Hollywood. This week’s session is with acclaimed actress Robin Riker.


Robin Riker Celebrity Robin is a third generation actor on both sides of her family. Robin has split her time between stage, film and television since her arrival in Hollywood. Being discovered at a Hollywood lunch counter is the myth usually associated with Lana Turner. In the case of Robin Riker, however, it is actually true, although at the time Robin was behind the counter, serving burgers. 

Two months after her arrival in Hollywood, a television producer, who was a regular patron of the hamburger stand, decided to produce a story on the aspiring actress for his weekly magazine show. A few weeks later, Robin had 15 minutes of the most coveted tool an aspiring actress can have in her Hollywood arsenal: actual, professionally produced and aired footage. She hasn’t stopped working since.

Her television work includes starring roles in six series, among them “The Gregory Hines Show” (CBS) “Thunder Alley” (ABC) “Get A Life” (FOX) and the ground breaking SHOWTIME series, Brothers (two Ace Award noms. Best Actress in a comedy)

Her first feature film, “Alligator”  was written by John Sayles and has become a cult classic and was recently named by the website What Culture as possessing the 12th scariest “monster that comes from below”

With well over 100 credits to her name  she has guest starred and recurred on dozens of shows including “Last Man Standing,” “Justified” NCIS, “The Closer”, Bones, Big Love, Boston Legal and Reba.

Her recent stage credits include

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Breaking up is traumatic enough, but living in the digital age seems to have made it easier to accomplish than ever. These days, you can break up with someone via cell phone, email, text, or, God forbid, Facebook. Sure, it’s far less personal than breaking up in person, but what a time saver. Even celebrities are doing it. Check out six of the most epic breakups of recent times, many of them via text message:

lindsey1. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

This is definitely one of the first and biggest celebrity splits of the digital age. In 2006, backup dancer Kevin Federline received a text that Britney Spears, his wife of two years, was filing for divorce. To add salt to the wound, video footage of Federline receiving the text went viral on the Internet moments afterward — he had been in the middle of a taping an interview. Not the sort of press coverage celebrities aspire to.

2. Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Much to the dismay of the public as well as Katy Perry herself, Russell Brand ended their 14 month union via text message. Perry revealed this fact to Rolling Stone magazine in a recent interview. She hasn’t heard from Brand since receiving his breakup text on New Year’s Eve, 2011. Despite rumors that their divorce was drama-free, clearly Katy Perry and fans were blindsided by the split.

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Tiger Woods is picked to win the US Open, according to CBS sports bloggers. Billboard charts prove that Britney Spears is releasing hits again for the first time in nearly a decade. Both overcame embarrassing personal catastrophes to get back to the top of their game. But what about the rest of us, who have to handle our own PR? For starters, you can push the negative press down by searching for your name online, buying your own domain and building your presence on social media. If you need a little more help wiping your slate clean, sites like protect and improve individuals’ and businesses’ online reputations by creating, optimizing and monitoring your online information. Imitate the stars to recover from a PR flub:

Bill Clinton

Making_ComebackYou’d think a cheating scandal and impeachment might hurt a president’s popularity, but that wasn’t the case for Bill Clinton. Despite a few hiccups, the president still scored an overall approval rating of 55.1, beating out Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman, according to And when he left the oval office, Clinton didn’t stop making an impact; he’s written several books, helped his wife get elected to public office and made millions through speaking engagements. How? He had great results. During the Clinton/Gore administration, according to a U.S. Government record of progress, the average American experienced:

  • Four percent unemployment, the lowest in three decades
  • The longest continual drop in crime on record

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Trying to figure out whether you should move to Los Angeles or New York City is a very difficult decision, especially if you are hoping to find a career in the entertainment industry. Both have better job markets for the industry than just about every other city. They are both centers of culture, have some of the best restaurants in the world and are filled with young, dynamic and exciting people.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

But the two are very different. NYC is a vertical city filled with skyscrapers, high-rise apartment buildings and brownstones, LA is more horizontal. The cultures of the two are also very distinct. New York can be hectic and erratic. At times one can feel as though they are experiencing sensory overload. The world becomes a blur, as if your VisionDirect contacts have suddenly fogged over. Los Angeles, though still a bustling city, is far more laid back.


Move to LALos Angeles is a better choice if you do not feel as though you can handle the intensity of New York. While Central Park and Prospect Park are certainly world-class places to relax and find some peace, the moments of respite that these places offer can quickly be interrupted by a cornucopia of “only in New York” experiences that can include anything from a hippie drum circle to a bum fight. The relative peace of Los Angeles is only one of the upsides of moving to the West Coast.

A More Diverse Landscape

New York City is a concrete jungle. Los Angeles can be, too, but the option of going to either the mountains or the beach is available in a snap. With a living surf culture at Topanaga Beach in Malibu, and an eclectic vibe in Venice Beach, LA wins this battle. The mountains within Los Angeles may not be able to facilitate a serious skiing or snowboarding trip year-round, but they can always offer far more rigorous and secluded hikes than those available within New York City. Some of the best

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From bashing cars with umbrellas to full-on physical assaults, battling the paparazzi is just another day in the life of America’s biggest superstars. In today’s celebrity-fueled culture, stars walk a fine line between welcoming publicity and craving privacy. And when celebrities and the paparazzi collide, the photographers often take the brunt:

Round 1: Hollywood’s Original Bad Boy vs. the Brits

paparazziBack in 1985, Hollywood up-and-comer Sean Penn tried to protect his then-fiancé Madonna from a slew of British reporters snapping shots of the Material Girl on her morning jog. According these begrudged reporters, Penn “went berserk,” pummeling them and threatening to smash their heads in with a rock, according to Time. Hollywood’s Bad Boy paid a $100 fine for two counts of assault and battery — and fired the opening salvo in the celebrity vs. paparazzi war that’s still going strong more than 20 years later.

Round 2: Britney Spears & Umbrella vs. Photog’s Car

In between rehab stints in 2007, America’s pop princess unleashed her fury on the paparazzi chronicling her bizarre public meltdown. After ex-husband Kevin Federline refused to let Spears see their children, Spears pulled into a gas station with a paparazzo right on her tail. After begging for privacy, Spears attacked the photog’s car with her unopened umbrella, bashing the car so hard her umbrella broke. Spears later issued a bizarre apology note to the photographer’s agency, X17, saying that she was “preparing for a possible movie role,” which — surprise, surprise — she didn’t get.

Round 3: Mel Gibson & Fake Mustache vs. Paparazzo

After failing to go incognito with a fake

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Stranger things have happened in LA. I mean common, this is the land of make-believe, where dreams do sometimes come true. Could the Miami Dolphins soon be headed to Southern California? Trading beautiful South Beach, Fla for the Hippie enclave of Venice Beach, Ca. This fish tale has all the makings of a billion dollar grossing pixar cartoon with all the drama of a J.J Abrams script. Except for one thing… No actors want to be apart of it. So guess what, no matter how much you hype the script and the slew of possible would be directors. This movie will never be made anytime soon. So PLEASE… For the love of god, stop getting the hopes up of every lifetime long Los Angeles resident.

So, this 2013 NFL season in Los Angeles will be just like it was before. Local sports bars filled with NFL fans sporting their hometown jerseys. Jersey’s from Chicago, New York, San Francisco and every other team not from L.A. Cause let’s face it, 65% of Los Angeleno’s are NOT from L.A originally, they’re all transplants. So for them, they don’t really care if L.A. ever gets a team. Plus the fact they love making fun of their friends who are longtime LA locals. These fans will be stuck rooting for their NFL fantasy team or rooting for their 3 team parlay bet that they just made. Speaking of NFL betting, 2013 NFL Future bets are in full swing. So check out your favorite teams odds and place that bet before it’s to late. However, there is one bet that’s a lock for the next 5 years. No NFL team will be playing in L.A. You can bet the farm on that one.

Now back to our NFL FILMS preview of  ‘A Fish Tale’. It seems the Miami Dolphins were wanting some renovations done to their stadium and asked their local legislature to provide the funds for the project. We’ll guess what, the legislature ended it’s session without approving any funds. CEO Mike Dee said in a TV interview that his team won’t pay for any renovations to Sun Life Stadium. “We cannot

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