Somebody’s got to be living the Entourage life in Hollywood, and why shouldn’t it be you? Gorgeous, sunny Californian days. Booze, drugs, parties, premieres and supermodels. Money and fast everything sure beats sticking around the small town from where you graduated college or work at your stuffy 9-to-5 office job. Life’s too short to not imagine the impossible. Why not live it up while you’re young and chase after dreams dreams of home-cooked breakfasts in a mansion in the Hollywood hills and plentiful women to go around. Did you just celebrate your birthday drinking a couple Budweisers at the local wing joint? Are you trapped in a stale relationship? Tear down those birthday decorations, break up with the girl, pack your bags, head west and don’t spend another minute drowning in your mediocre life.

Find Good Looking Best Friend With Star Potential

How to Move to HollywoodDo any of your college buddies have superior acting talent or an exceptional-looking face of the Gods that will make puppies and babies cry? No? Los Angeles is a large enough city that if you searched hard enough, you could befriend your very own Vincent Chase. Loose curly locks aren’t a necessity but a charismatic, easygoing personality is desirable. In true Entourage style, you’re going to be riding the coattails of his financial success and exciting lifestyle. New “Best Friend” must be cool with it. offers various groups in Los Angeles for meeting new people and creating connections. Visit, and for information on where and what actors are doing in the biz. Tread carefully so to not

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The old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” and Hollywood has embraced this mantra unlike any other industry. But in the age of instant information and cyber-crimes, is that old saying still true? Celebrities may still prefer negative gossip to no gossip, as Oscar Wilde once intimated, but times have changed and there could be hidden dangers that you haven’t even considered, ones that may require emotional help or a service like Lifelock.

The Actor

celbrity gossipYes, an actor, musician or model has chosen a life in the public eye. This doesn’t, however, negate the fact that they are human beings with the same potential for psychological issues as the general public. Always seeing their personal lives splashed across the media can compound low self-esteem, stress and anxiety that they already feel.

Physical danger is just as real for these celebrities. The ease of information gathering on the internet and the competition among media outlets make obtaining and disseminating personal information on famous people simpler and potentially more harmful than ever before. Stars’ homes and addresses are regularly publicized. Most have the financial means to protect their identities and assets, but it doesn’t mean

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The auction for the chance to own the original Batmobile has officially ended. The final price of this nostalgic piece of Americana awesomeness reached into the millions. Barrett – Jackson’s Batmobile sold for $4.2 million dollars. Not a bad mark-up on the price tag since he purchased the car in the sixties from a junkyard for a crisp $1 bill. He then just spent $15,000 fixing up into the superhero vehicle that was sold today.

For more than 60 years, Barris Kustom Industries has been responsible for creating or designing dozens of famous automobiles that have appeared in films and television, including the Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers, the Munstermobile from The Munsters and Echto 1 from Ghostbusters.

The Batmobile tied the record with the Aston Martin DB5 Sean Connery drove in Goldfinger for the highest price paid for a film car at an auction.

What’s your superhero vehicle would you want to own? Me personally, I think my ultimate hero car is still the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard. Is that wrong?

The Oracle

Buy The Original Bat Mobile Today…

This infographic creation was provided by Chapman Automotive Group.

Holy Auction Batman! Barrett-Jackson's Greatest Collectibles

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Like many big cities, life can be hard when starting out. At least 30% of the people that decided to move to LA and pursue their dreams never made it, they went back home. Some were not prepared for the commitment needed, others did not realize the level of competition they would face in their effort to get discovered. Having a college degree, being a computer whiz, good looks and raw talent do not guarantee you a shot at the big time (or even a job at the hip coffee shop on Beverly Blvd). Within the pages of this resource guide are the elements that will help you on your journey in starting a successful and lasting career in Hollywood. Having a full understanding of the Hollywood environment before you get here will give you a big edge over your competition. Otherwise, it may take you months if not years to fully understand the big Hollywood picture.

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He’s allergic to cats, but that hasn’t stopped him from building a humor empire around them. The founder of, Ben Huh, and his creative team not only find and create hilarious memes out of cat photos, but they star in the new reality TV series “LOLwork.” A mix between “The Office” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” the show follows the team as it debates, creates and somehow makes the start-up successful.

The Show

Boasting low-to-no-drama, Huh says he wants the show to be funny and to be able to trust producers to make it good. “They can make fun of us but not our users,” he told the Wall Street Journal online.

I_can_has_cheezburgerThe CEO isn’t too worried about television success, stating that if things go wrong at least more people who didn’t know about Cheezburger will probably visit the site. A positive thinker, he didn’t even ask permission of the company’s board members, investors Brad Feld from Foundry Group, Greg Gottesman from Madrona Venture Group and Rich Levandov from Avalon Ventures. He just asked himself, and decided it was worth the risk, according to

Cheezburger’s mission is to “make people laugh for five minutes a day” with their memes, photos and funny videos, and the show will follow the team as they

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hitched for the holidays

Premieres on the Hallmark Channel on November 25th @ 8p/7c

Every so often the Hollywood Oracle selects entertainment professionals with established Hollywood careers to interview about their work, opinions and what advice they have for the next generation of up and comers wanting to make it in Hollywood. This week we welcome back Gary Goldstein, Award-Winning Screenwriter & Playwright for Film, Television and the Stage. It seems he’s been busy since our last interview here on the Hollywood Oracle. Specifically with a screenplay he wrote called “Hitched for the Holidays,” which was picked up by the Hallmark Channel and premieres this Thanksgiving weekend (2012).

So Let’s Get Started…


Tell us a little about the story and how you came up with the idea?  Did it come from a personal experience of you surfing Craigslist for a date one x-mas long ago? Or was there some other muse that helped you come up with the idea for the story?

Gary –


Gary Goldstein, Hollywood Screenwriter

I came up with the idea for the script after going to a Christmas Eve party and realizing how many friends and other guests there were unattached. As someone who was happily and long partnered-off by then, I started remembering all the past holiday events I went to solo and how much harder and more awkward they often felt to navigate. I also realized how much more I now enjoyed holiday events–and not just the end-of-year holidays–being part of a couple.

Then I thought: How far would two single people go so as not to be alone over the dreaded pre-Christmas to New Year’s period?  Potentially funny idea.  And “Hitched for the Holidays” was born.

Is this script one that you’ve been working on for a longtime or was it something that you were commissioned for by the Hallmark Channel. Why did you start working on this idea to begin with?

I wrote the script as a

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