Hollywood Goes GoPro :

What started out like a trickle of cheap digital camera formats this year has turned into a full on court press with the newest darling of in-your-face “action technology” gear. So, don’t be the first person to see their entertainment career destroyed by missing the boat on the latest craze.

GoProThey are small rugged, cute, waterproof and fit right in the palm of your hand. No, I am not talking about the Smurfs, but the new GoPro Hero line of cameras (http://gopro.com).

These small cameras are everywhere and digital media is beginning to crop up on all of the episodic TV and live performance projects I have been working on in the last couple months. I knew the device had officially arrived when I realized everything with wheels or a helmet at the 2012 Los Angeles X Games had a GoPro mount and camera locked in place.

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So you finally got that highly coveted first Hollywood PA job on a film production. All that hard work you did for all those years is about to pay off. Don’t screw it up. Being the new guy or gal on a Hollywood film set can be quite intimidating for anyone, whether you went to film school or not. Day one can start many different ways, so be prepared to be thrown to the wolves immediately. Walkie Talkie LingoMost of your fellow crew members will assume you’re their because you know what your doing already, that’s why you got the job. At this point, your better start faking it if your nervous or apprehensive about doing things. But the quickest way to be revealed as a complete Newbie on a active set is to not know how to work your Walkie Talkie or by using incorrect terminology on it. (a.k.a. Set Lingo) So let me point out a few ground rules and tips for you so you can make it through those first few days of shooting with out looking like a complete idiot.

Rule #1 – Set Lingo.. People On-Set are not truckers, these are not CB radios. Trucker lingo is different then Set lingo. Forget what you think you know. Film sets have developed their own lingo to relay info quickly and accurately. Whether we need to locate someone on set or we need something immediately brought to set, you better be ready to respond with the correct answers on the walkie.

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Caitlyn VeroniWe’ll I know you all have been waiting patiently for our week 9 NFL picks from our very own Caitlyn Veroni, Hollywood Oracle’s  “Siren of Football’. The wait is over. So get your office pool pick sheet out and start circling her guaranteed winners of the week. If you’re a betting man, I’d place some bets this week cause she’s never wrong. Check out NFL betting (Click Here) at Top Bet. Well she’s mostly never wrong that is and if she is, who really cares. She’s smoking hot and a bit crazy to boot. What more could want from your weekly NFL Siren of Football.

It’s Presidential Week in the NFL and this Sunday and Monday we will be bombarded with every possible political ad that has been created during our games on Sunday and Monday. Let the personal attacks begin. I wonder who our lovely Siren of Football is picking in this election. Will she use her abilities to cast a winning spell on Mr Romney or Mr Obama. Let’s find out…

Week 7 NFL picksThat’s right boys and girls, our very own Siren of Football, Caitlyn is back for week 8 of the NFL. Last week she pulled out a 7-5 week with her picks. Not bad I guess for someone that has no clue about football in general. But that’s not the point is it. Right Guys? Hopefully this week’s picks are right on the mark cause I’m gonna use everyone of them in our office pool here at the Hollywood Oracle. This week’s segment is a little shorter than the last few because our football sweetheart has been galavanting around the Playboy  Mansion all week. Check out some of her other videos and you’ll see what I mean. Still waiting for my invite please. I want to go to the Playboy Mansion and hang out with the monkeys in the grotto. Let the picking begin.

Week 7 NFL picksThat’s right she’s back for week 7. Even though she only went 6 – 6 in week 6. What was that ‘She Devil Woman’ (6 6 6 ). Hopefully week 7 will be heaven for us, I mean you.. Well, with out further ado lets give a warm welcome to Caitlyn Veroni our Siren of Football here at the Hollywood Oracle offices. I can’t wait to see what she talks about in this week’s edition.


I’m not sure who’s bright idea this was to drive the Space Shuttle thru downtown LA, but it sure made quite a spectacle in Los Angeles over this past weekend. If you’re living under a rock maybe you were unaware that they drove the Space Shuttle thru the streets of LA to get it from the Airport to the Space Center.

We’ll let’s step back and here the full story before we get to far ahead of ourselves..

On September 20, 2012, Endeavour landed at LAX on top of a Boeing 747. From there the trip was a bit slower.

It was a turtle-like pace for the entire trip because crews had to navigate Endeavour around trees, houses, street lights, and other obstacles along the route.

In fact, the 85-ton NASA orbiter arrived at the California Science Center about 16 hours late because of unforeseen mechanical and situational problems. The trip began late Thursday October 11th/early Friday, October 12th, and ended Sunday, October 14th.

Endeavour, on Mission 26 (because it had previously gone on 25 missions into space) went through wide boulevards, including Manchester, Crenshaw, and Martin Luther King Jr. It also maneuvered through several narrow streets, narrowly missing a tree in one instance, as shown on the video.

One of the biggest problems came Sunday morning while  Read more at ITWIRE.com

Beautiful idea but did we really need to cut down over a hundred trees to get it done.. Some of these trees were over a hundred years old.. At least no one tagged it on it’s journey. And let’s hope an asteroid doesn’t head towards earth in the near future because they just might need it back. Bruce Willis better get his shuttle license re-newed.