Week 6 NFL is here, so here’s another edition of Caitlyn Veroni’s Picks of the week. You might be asking yourself what happened to week 5 picks. We’ll apparently she had better things to do for week 5, like go party at the Playboy Mansion and hang  out on the Jeff Probst Show. I guess we’ll forgive her since she went 10-4 in Week 4’s NFL picks. Let’s see how she does this week though. Because everyone is wondering here at THO what the hell is going on in that brain of hers. Enjoy the Video..

Thanks Caitlyn your one crazy girl… :)

So you’re interested in being an actor?

If you’re up for long hours and low pay, bouncing back from near-constant rejection, and committing to hairstyles you’d never choose for yourself for the sake of the show, read on. If not, don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to work in the arts in a 9-to-5 environment.

If you truly want to be a successful actor, you’ll need to take classes. No matter now much innate talent you have it’s still important to learn the language of the business and learn how to work with other actors. Academy of Art acting classes, classes at other universities, conservatory programs and even with local reputable instructors also give you excellent (and vital) networking opportunities. No matter how many classes you take, you won’t be successful without these three traits:


How to be an actorActors must be respectful, especially when it comes to time. In the real world this means arriving early so you are ready to work at call time. If you are walking through the door at call you are late and you affecting everyone else’s productivity. This summer, the BBC suspended (without pay) a star of their soap “EastEnders” for regularly arriving late at work. Other actors have been summarily dismissed for similar behavior. Don’t get a bad reputation for poor time management.

You also have to know

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Our very own Siren of Football, Caitlyn Veroni gives us the inside scoop on this week in the NFL. Plus her Picks for the Week 4 Match-ups.

This is what happens when you let a Hollywood Oracle Staffer create a video for your new NFL picks Segment at THO. The big question is will she be right. If you need help in your NFL Office Pool this week, check out her picks and reasons why. You just may win it. Or Not! Only time will tell.


Hut Hut Hike!

Make sure to tell her what you think of her video and her NFL picks this week.

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Hollywood Oracle’s Siren of Football – Week 4 NFL Picks

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Enterprising Young Men is the latest project from film company Kris Kidd Productions.  The movie is to be produced by Kris Kidd, with the screenplay to be written by stand-up comedian William Woody.

The movie is a comedy about four friends who, in desperate need for some income, go into business for themselves, trying to get rich quick in the non-traditional, home business, car wrap, MLM manner.  The story is loosely based on Kidd and Woody’s own personal experiences with a desperate need for income while in their twenties, which, as Kidd stated, allowed them to come up with ideas for dilemmas for the main characters to go through.  It’s scheduled to begin shooting in March of 2013 for a November release later that year.  As of yet, there is no information regarding the film’s cast or director.

Kris Kidd Productions is an independent production company owned by Kris Kidd.  Their other projects include the 2012 short film Fuse, the upcoming animated pirate short Blackheart’s Blunder and the upcoming superhero comedy Now Hiring, due in the spring and summer of 2013, respectively.

Find Out More On Their New Film @ www.EnterprisingYoungMen.com

Christopher Nolan took the superhero genre and breathed fresh life into it with his take on the Caped Crusader. But after three Batman movies, Nolan has decided it is time to cut ties with the caretaker of Gotham City. That doesn’t mean he has put superheroes on the back burner.

Coming up, Christopher Nolan will act as a producer for a new Superman movie, “Man of Steel.” According to IFC, the Superman movie will be directed by Zack Snyder and is slated for release on May 14, 2013, so you can expect hordes of Superman Halloween costumes descending upon your neighborhood next year. In Nolan’s words, this installment is going to be “pretty remarkable”.

Here are five things you can expect from the latest in the Superman film canon.

Superman is Super Human

Man of Steel Nolan and Snyder are going to give Superman a character enhancement. Expect the unexpected from this traditional superhero that is known and loved by millions from different generations. The story is an origin piece, giving the creative team the opportunity to dive deep into the emotional and psychological elements of the fabled superhero. What Nolan does best is get into the human traits of his characters, separating their comic ingredients, and defying specific standards to the comic book world.

All-Star Cast

Expect big ticket stars to line up for the reboot. Superman/Clark Kent will be played by up-and-comer Brit actor Henry Cavill. The famous Lois Lane, the journalist sidekick of Clark, will be portrayed by three-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams. Other big names include Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Michael Shannon as General Zod, and Russell Crowe as Jor-El.

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Characters in a story do not have to be good or even likeable. They can be ruthless villains (like Al Pacino in Scarface), serial killers (like Michael C. Hall in Dexter), and blood thirsty vampires (like Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire), yet audiences will still root for them.

There are twelve ways to craft characters that audiences will care about and whether you use only one device or a combination of several, should depend on the story and plot they serve.

1) Characters who are likeable: This is perhaps the easiest character to make, because nice guys are easy to like. In The Big Hit, Mark Wahlberg’s character is a hit man, but one who is courteous and kind. He is being taken advantage of by his girlfriend, as well as by the other members of his hit squad. Despite his line of work, we are charmed by his character, and find ourselves on his side.

2) Characters who deeply love another: No matter how obnoxious a character is, if they openly love another in the movie, then we feel that it exonerates them in some way. In Face/Off, Nicholas cage plays a villain who deeply loves his son and girlfriend. By contrast, the good guy who’s played by John Travolta is cold and detached. We find that despite Cage’s role, he comes off as more human, and therefore, someone we can relate to more.

3) Characters we can relate to: There are two ways to make characters relatable to an audience. The first is to make them ordinary people whose lives are similar to the vast majority of us: there is nothing remarkable about them, and they simply get by as best they can.

The second is to put them in situations we’ve all been through: an applicant who is struggling to find a job (like Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich); the unpopular plain Jane who has a crush on the school Jock (Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles); the divorced couple suing for custody of their child (Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep in Kramer vs. Kramer).

When an audience can relate to the situation, they

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LA Bears Fans – LA Packers Fans – LA 49ers Fans – LA Patriots Fans – LA Giants Fans

The Good thing for you is that LA is like going away to college. Meaning when you go off to college you find yourself surrounded by people from all over the United States. Hence many of your friends probably rooted for different NFL teams, usually the team from their home towns.  Los Angeles is no different. LA is a town full of out of state transplants. Each bringing their own teams fandom to this land of the lost for NFL teams.

LA once had an NFL team, I mean 2 teams, I mean 1 team, I mean no teams.  From ’79 to ’94 they had Los Angeles Rams, but they played in Anaheim. That’s not really LA.. Right!  In 1982, AL Davis brought the Oakland Raiders to play at the LA Coliseum. (Horrible stadium to watch football by the way. It’s like watching ants play rugby) However, he found the city to difficult to work with and after the 1994 North Ridge earthquake conditions at the Coliseum had deteriorated and no plans were being made to fix them. Al packed up his trucks and moved his team back to Oakland. However, you will still find a strong and rowdy fan base for the Raider Nation throughout Los Angeles. So much so that they have banned Raiders Gear in many sports bars around town.

But as I said, 50 percent of this population isn’t from LA. So not watching raiders games on Sunday didn’t matter that much to us out of towners. All we cared about was

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