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What is your handle on new post production tools for film transfer?
Film is still being shot in the business, right?

The big boys at Kodak, Sony and Fuji are still selling 1000 ft rolls of negative for more than our meager salary draws in a paycheck, and realistically most DPs over 12 years old will still want to shoot film these days.

Think you know how much 3-perf will set you back in time and cash when you need to get your project to edit? Even if your budget manages to deep six your production into R3d record (RED is cheaper, but it ain’t cheap), transfer of your picture to a digital format for edit is a crucial step in the post process.

Truth is, you are probably not shooting a film at the moment. Perhaps you have never thought about how film (or a project shot on RED, for that matter) makes it to the cutting room? Either way, you have probably thought about finding a job, and if you’re reading this, you have most likely thought about finding a job in the film industry. You might fancy yourself a DP, or as the person able to make a DP’s film nightmare a daily reality….?

To get a job in Hollywood, you need to master the tools of the trade. If you want to work in film based post production, here is a company that designs some tools worth understanding.

MTI Film – Their web site breaks down the products they have created to streamline the dailies work flow for post production. The MTI Control Dailies process allows audio and picture to ingest and sync digitally before output in various file formats, directly to BluRay or tape. The big payoff is files created as DNX36 and other formats that can be immediately dumped into an AVID or other nonlinear editing system for cut.

Will the guys at MTI give you a job? Hire you green and fresh off the bus from Madison, St. Louis or Akron? Probably not. That is why taking a good hard look at a company like this, learning about what they are trying to sell and why some research on your end will better prepare you for finding an entry-level position in post. Following concepts such as the ones offered at MTI Film is important as the playing field shifts from film cameras to other digital capture platforms. It can only help you to research these types of companies in the entertainment business. If you understand new technology like this, you will be better equipped to find post production houses that are involved in the transfer of dallies and ask the right questions if you can land an interview.

Take the time to check it out.

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