One of the best parts about living in an urban city is the amount of people with amazing talent. In no other setting can you find normal people with so much potential all trying to go from rags to riches. All across the country these inspiring people make their daily grind in the hopes of one day becoming rich. If you find yourself on hard times, you can save money by making meals at home, looking for used cars online and cutting useless expenses to have your own rags to riches story.

Chief Keef

One of the most recent rags to riches stories is of young Chicago rapper, Chief Keef. The 17-year-old rapper grew up in humble beginnings on Chicago’s South Side, but has since risen through rap’s underground to be the center of a recent record label bidding war. He wound up signing with Interscope Records in a deal that was reported to be worth upwards of $6 million. In December 2012, the young rapper released his debut album “Finally Rich,” which debuted at number 29 on the US Billboard 200. Chief Keef’s rags to riches story was also documented in a short film called “Chief Keef: From Rags to Riches.”

50 Cent

50_CentRapper, turned entrepreneur and actor, 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) is one of the most well known rags to riches stories in recent memory. Jackson was born in the South Jamaica section of Queens. According to, he was raised by his grandparents after his father left and his mother was shot when he was 8 years old. He went from a struggling underground rapper to a successful mainstream artist seemingly overnight. He turned a profit of over $50 million investing in Vitaminwater. 50 Cent has found many acting paychecks since the success of his acclaimed bio-picture “Get Rich or Die Trying,” which chronicled his rags-to-riches story.


“The real slim shady,” Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in Missouri and worked at Gilbert’s Lodge, a family restaurant, until he was signed by Dr. Dre. His album in 2000, “The Marshall Mathers LP,” sold 1.76 million copies in the first week of release in the U.S., according to Eminem’s story is perhaps best depicted in the major motion picture “8 Mile.” It shows his journey from a trailer park in Detroit to the mega-millions that he now has. It is a truly inspiring story of how one person can make their way from the very bottom to the top, through adversity.


Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is a rags to mega-riches story. He is considered a mogul in the rap industry, and has certainly come a long way since living in the projects. His story is detailed in Zack O’Malley Greenburg’s book, “Empire State of Mind.”

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