Thomas writes:

I was reading your blog tonight and you have some really interesting stories and anecdotes.  None of which are surprising,  I’ve only been on like two sets in my life…but I can imagine how hectic and crazy things might get.

I just had a quick question for you.

You mention that a memo was passed around the office the other day.  I guess I am confused, since you PA mostly, doesn’t that mean you freelance and therefore don’t work out of the office? Or is that like a second job.

Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, I’m really trying to break in to the industry and get started and maybe do some more work, but all I’ve done is a few short PA gigs that either paid nothing or basically nothing.

movie crewIt’s not silly. I can see how you might be confused.  There are really two kinds of production assistants: Office PAs and Set PAs.

It sounds like you’ve worked as a set PA.  They’re the guys who help the ADs keep things moving.  They shuttle actors to and fro, they lock up the set, they distribute paperwork that the office sends them.

An office PA, on the other hand, helps the production coordinator.  Their job is to keep the office running smoothly.  They answer phones, make copies, do runs.  Smaller movies may not need (or be able to afford) office PAs, but every TV show has them.  The writers write so many scripts, it’d be impossible to copy everything without a PA dedicated… >> READ MORE @ The Anonymous Production Assistant’s Blog

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