I’m not sure who’s bright idea this was to drive the Space Shuttle thru downtown LA, but it sure made quite a spectacle in Los Angeles over this past weekend. If you’re living under a rock maybe you were unaware that they drove the Space Shuttle thru the streets of LA to get it from the Airport to the Space Center.

We’ll let’s step back and here the full story before we get to far ahead of ourselves..

On September 20, 2012, Endeavour landed at LAX on top of a Boeing 747. From there the trip was a bit slower.

It was a turtle-like pace for the entire trip because crews had to navigate Endeavour around trees, houses, street lights, and other obstacles along the route.

In fact, the 85-ton NASA orbiter arrived at the California Science Center about 16 hours late because of unforeseen mechanical and situational problems. The trip began late Thursday October 11th/early Friday, October 12th, and ended Sunday, October 14th.

Endeavour, on Mission 26 (because it had previously gone on 25 missions into space) went through wide boulevards, including Manchester, Crenshaw, and Martin Luther King Jr. It also maneuvered through several narrow streets, narrowly missing a tree in one instance, as shown on the video.

One of the biggest problems came Sunday morning while  Read more at ITWIRE.com

Beautiful idea but did we really need to cut down over a hundred trees to get it done.. Some of these trees were over a hundred years old.. At least no one tagged it on it’s journey. And let’s hope an asteroid doesn’t head towards earth in the near future because they just might need it back. Bruce Willis better get his shuttle license re-newed.


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