You’re the new kid on the block at work? Looking to move up the Hollywood Job Ladder? You need more training!

Topp 10 Hollywood job tips

  1. Drop the cocky attitude and ask people what they are doing, then listen. Questions are good, listening is better.
  2. Make sure you are operating transparently. Make sure you work record is solid (no HR rap sheet is a good start) and then go talk to your boss. Check to see if there is a training policy.
  3. Know what you want to do. Asking for training without a plan is a recipe for failure.
  4. Plan your training in steps. Learn the jobs around your dream job so you develop some knowledge and credibility.
  5. While you are doing the best job you can in your current position, volunteer, for anything. If it gets you near the people you would like training from or close so you can glean some experience, be the first one to jump when the boss calls. Don’t forget the small stuff. If you are the only one who has learned to properly get the boss a chicken sandwich from her favorite diner. Consider it training (and an excuse to talk to your boss).
  6. Please do your own research. Training can happen at home, its’ called self training. Use the internet to research the tools and processes you are gunning for. There are also these things called books if you can find one on your topic of interest.
  7. Know something about the person who is training you. If you score an hour with the best feature film editor at the studio… make sure you have seen (a recent) example of his/her work. Ask a (few) question(s) and then LISTEN.
  8. Don’t ask to be paid. It goes without saying that rookies train on their own time, stand out when they do it after working hard at their paid job and are successful if they are consistently training.
  9. Remember. If you can master the job you are training for, you are the prime candidate for filling that role as the need arises.
  10. Did I say don’t be cocky?

In summary, the guy asking for the training today will get it. Not because I am obligated, but because good managers see the worth in rookies looking for advancement, training people to do work the right way and planning forward for filling positions (at a cheaper rate) as the old dogs go to pasture or move on. Will he become the next Baselight Operator to color blast the next 3D ticket crasher near you? Probably not anytime soon, but he will be paired up with an Assistant Editor or Data I/O op starting tomorrow to see if he can back up his swagger.

Did you listen to any of this?

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