New Transformers 4′ movie confirmed and will bring a second trilogy to life. According to film commentator George Wales who has recently spoken up on the Total Film website, and revealed that the 4th installment will certainly not be a reboot. They are more likely to launch a 2nd trilogy, and continue to move the story along.

Transformers 4 Movie

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The series is getting new human actors and there won’t be a single human character from the old films- it’s a whole new cast. One of the new ideas Michael Bay is firing up: the possibility of bringing the Autobots and Decepticons into outer space, but he doesn’t want it to be “too sci-fi.”

“I want to keep it grounded,” Michael Bay mentioned at the Heros’ Film Festival in Los Angeles. “That’s what works in these movies, and that’s what makes it accessible.”

There’s even a new Universal Studios digital ride called Transformers- 3D. Bay helped with the engineering and conceptual ideas and Universal staff assisted Bay with the space and flight simulators. This just-opened ride, $100 million digital installment, is a four-minute long 3D experience. In addition to the new ride, there’s even a new Transformers gift shop were visitors can purchase T-shirts, magnets, masks, coffee mugs, and toys for the youngsters.

Bay also made sure media sources understood the new film will not start from the beginning- but the story is going somewhere else with the 2nd trilogy. You’ll still have to see the original three Transformer movies if you want to understand what took place previously, but at the same time, Transformers 4 stands on its own.

The first three Transformers took over $2.6 billion at the box office and was a large influence on Hollywood’s stylistic effects. Quick cuts, a great sense of timing, certain angles, and a passion for fast-edits- Bay’s trademark- influenced other big films.

Bay concluded this Transformers will be the last, but then again, he said the same thing about the second and third movies, too.

He mentioned the writer’s strike affected the final product of the second movie and concluded it was a mess, but wanted to redeem himself with the third film. And decidedly, wants to make a fourth Transformers because too many people “rely on the franchise as an economic engine,” and that walking away would be like shutting down a factory. And this is certainly true, Universal even has a new energy drink available at a Transformers concession stand called Energon– it sells as the “preferred fuel.”

Media sources have not released the names of the new actors but expect to see all new designs, concepts, and more.

Other Story Sources: Michael Bay spoke about the film in an interview with the L.A. Times recently.

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