The UTA Job List (United Talent Agency)… It’s one of the most sought after and anticipated Entertainment Industry Job Lists for Hollywood. And it’s main area of expertise is for assistant level employment in showbiz. This list is not for the weak or simple minded person. If you apply for these jobs, you better have your shit together. That doesn’t mean you need prior experience necessarily. It just means you better be a go getter with a brain on your shoulders. Having thick skin and a big set of a (b…s) won’t hurt you either. This list is not made public for the average ‘Joe Shmoe’ and can not be re-printed or re-published without the direct consent of its creators.

UTA Job List

Luckily one of our local fans here at the Hollywood Oracle has access to this list and publishes it monthly on his website Blog. If you’re a Hollywood Oracle Facebook Fan Page follower, you may have seen his link appear from time to time on our Wall Postings. The Anonymous Production Assistant’s Blog & his UTA Job list are well worth your time. That is, if you haven’t checked his site out already. By the way, if you haven’t joined The Hollywood Oracle’s FACEBOOK FAN PAGE community, you should get on that as well. You’re missing out on things!

Just a reminder, their are dozens of these ‘Secret Job Lists’ all throughout the Hollywood entertainment industry. Most of them are ‘FREE’ but many are not advertised to the public. So it’s up to you to dig around the world wide web and find them yourself. Or you can just order our ‘Hollywood Survival Guide’ ebook for $9.95 and all that work will be done for you already. Inside that ebook is a page with over 25 links to many other secret and not so secret Hollywood industry job lists. Lists that you can’t afford to not know about.

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