So you finally got that highly coveted first Hollywood PA job on a film production. All that hard work you did for all those years is about to pay off. Don’t screw it up. Being the new guy or gal on a Hollywood film set can be quite intimidating for anyone, whether you went to film school or not. Day one can start many different ways, so be prepared to be thrown to the wolves immediately. Most of your fellow crew members will assume you’re their because you know what your doing already, that’s why you got the job. Hollywood Walkie TalkiesAt this point, your better start faking it if your nervous or apprehensive about doing things. But the quickest way to be revealed as a complete Newbie on a active set is to not know how to work your Walkie Talkie or by using incorrect terminology on it. (a.k.a. Set Lingo) So let me point out a few ground rules and tips for you so you can make it through those first few days of shooting with out looking like a complete idiot.

Rule #1 – Set Lingo.. People On-Set are not truckers, these are not CB radios. Trucker lingo is different then Set lingo. Forget what you think you know. Film sets have developed their own lingo to relay info quickly and accurately. Whether we need to locate someone on set or we need something immediately brought to set, you better be ready to respond with the correct answers on the walkie. We even have codes for when someone is peeing (10-1) and dumping out (10-2) Wasting Time is Wasting Money. Every department, every item on set and every area on set has a shortened ID (A.K.A.) and some names won’t seem to make any sense to you initially. But Please try to know as much lingo before you get here on set or you will be the butt of many jokes and probably one good ass chewing. “Roger That”  – WRONG – Never say “Roger That” on a set or when you sign off on a walk talkie. You say “Copy That”, Roger might be the Director’s name and you always saying “Roger That” just might piss him off enough to fire you.  Here’s a good site that offers some insight into this world of production slang.

Check back tomorrow for 5 more golden rules to save you from becoming another Walkie Talking Idiot on set..  >> READ PART 2 HERE

For a larger break down of film lingo:

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