“Suck my dick.”

Did that get your attention? Probably just as much as it did when Lieutenant Jordan O’Neill (mind you, this is a woman we are talking about) said it to Master Chief John James Urgayle in the 1997 action-drama movie “G.I. Jane.” If ever there was a scene from a movie that defines “badass,” this one arguably tops them all. Read on for why O’Neill cemented her place in the movie character badass hall of fame, along with cues to take from a few other favorite badass characters to become a stud yourself.

Patience Just Gets in the Way


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O’Neill, played by Demi Moore, trained with men to make an elite Navy team. She exemplified guts, courage and patience while facing machoism, stick-swinging and female degradation from her peers and superiors.

In this particular scene, O’Neill takes a beating from Urgayle who tries to break her and her squad’s spirit. At the moment we all thought she’d crack, O’Neill strikes back with three simple words. That figurative sentence instantly earned her due respect from her peers and, ultimately, from her master chief.

O’Neill teaches that to be a true badass, patience is a virtue. But sometimes you have to put those moral standards aside and stick up yourself, even if you have to show up your disrespecting and ruthless boss who just knocked the snot out of ya.

“Look” The Part

If pissed off had a face, it was named James “Clubber” Lang. Ah yes, the ticking time bomb also known as Mr. T outside of the 1982 “Rocky 3” movie is the epitome of badass just by looking at his face. He’d make his mother cry by simply saying, “I love you,” because his look is just that menacing.

Rocky didn’t look badass. He boxed badass, but looked docile and clueless. Rocky’s other opponents just didn’t have that badass appeal. Drago (Dolf Lundgren) in “Rocky IV” replicated an over-sized boy band singer. Carl Weathers’ character Apollo Creed? Come on, he’s just as menacing in his Colt 45 beer commercials as he is in “Rocky I.”

Clubber Lane had the look — a scowl that never faltered, even when he was lying on his back after Rocky laid him out. If a badass wannabe can learn one thing from Clubber Lane, it’s to have the look of intimidation. You can put a motorcycle helmet on him, and he’d still intimidate you with his looks. Now, that’s badass.

Go Out With a Bang

Surely, many of John Wayne’s best badass movie characters just rode off into the sunset after knocking skulls, breaking a few bones and rescuing the dame, but nothing can compare to a badass ending more than “Scarface” (1983).

“Going out in a blaze of glory” is cliche, but Tony Montana’s fatal defiance at the end of this classic film defines it. No one is encouraging anyone to blast your way to the end of your badass story, not in the least. What Al Pacino’s character teaches us though is to not take a loss lying down.

Perhaps the odds are stacked against you. Maybe there is a figurative small army armed to the teeth outside your office door waiting to annihilate you. Defeat is certain, resistance is futile. But hey, you’re a badass. You’re gonna make losing look good — so good, it’s badass.

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